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Nature always inspire us

Every trip has its own magic especially when this happens in the beautiful world of colours and fabrics. Our company began this trip in 1925 and it still continues it with the same passion for creation until today. Its destination is undoubtedly to offer to you the most appropriate designing solutions for your own space.

RYTHMOS SA  differentiates from the others because we are driven by your needs and desires. Starting from this base, our company designs and innovates.

Strictly sticked to our own principles for more than 90 years, our company has managed to connect its name with the definition of qualitative.

One of our basic principles is “affordable luxury” .This means that we understand the social and economic circumstances that our society has to face and we try to adjust our prices to your needs, as well as retain the high quality of our products.

Furthermore, respect reflects our corporate way of thinking. We respect your space and the need that you have to express yourselves through it but first of all we respect the devotion and the confidence that you show during all these years. That’s why our people are always here for you.

Being pioneers of interior decoration, we select fabrics that follow the international trends and the requirements of contemporary world.

Being able to co-operate with acknowledged partners from all over the world we have managed to create a great variety of not only classic but also modern choices. We are waiting for you to continue this wonderful trip and propose the best for you and your place….

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